Curriculum Information


Tattnall County’s Pre-K Programs are overseen by Bright From the Start, a program by DECAL.  For more information concerning Tattnall County’s Pre-K program, contact Chris Freeman or Tarsha Brown.  Students take PELI and PPVT pre-literacy assessments to track their progress as pre-school learners, as part of our L4GA literacy grant.  


For the 2023-2024 school year, Tattnall County Schools adopted Amplify as the core Reading and ELA curriculum for Grades K-5.  In addition, 95 Percent is being used as a phonic supplement to provide systematic and explicit phonics instruction.  Our K-3rd grade teachers of reading are being trained in the Science of Reading involving LETRS through Lexia.  Additionally, other non-reading teachers in Grades K-3 are going through the Georgia Literacy Academy through Georgia Learns, a free program through GADOE.  This will allow us to be compliant with the Georgia Early Literacy Act heading into 2024-2025.    

K-5 Math

Our K-5 Math Curriculum is Eureka² (aka Eureka Squared) through Great Minds.  In addition, our teachers are beginning to crosswalk the new Georgia Math Standards to better ensure alignment of our Eureka program to Georgia pacing and frameworks in Inspire.    


At this time, all 6-12 content standards come from the GADOE Georgia Standards which can be found at  Tattnall County is currently entering a new cycle this Spring 2024 of curricular alignment with newly released math standards resources released just this year in  Additionally, new K-12 ELA standards are going into effect in the 2025-2026 school year. 

2023-2024 State, Benchmark, and Literacy Assessments

All students Grades 3-8 take End-of-Grade (EOG) Georgia Milestones (GMAS) in the late spring of each school year.  Students in Grades 9-12 take required End of Course Assessments (EOC) in Biology, Algebra: Concepts & Connections, United States History, and 11th Grade American Literature.  As part of our L4GA cohort, students take PELI/PPVT (Pre-K), Acadience Reading (K-5th), Growth Measure (3rd-11th) in order to more accurately track individual student reading growth.  Students also have access to the iReady platform for individualized pathway work, as well as benchmarks for reading and math in Grades K-8.  

CTAE, Electives, and Dual Enrollment

Students in Tattnall County Schools enjoy exploratory offerings in Grades K-12 in fine arts, physical education, and STEM.  Additionally, at TCHS students enter Career Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) through the high school, where students select pathways to become more knowledgeable in career fields as well as potentially gain industry credentialing through various End-of-Pathway Assessments.  Lastly, students entering 11th grade often pursue college coursework in concurrence with high school requirements in order to get a head start on post-secondary coursework toward a degree or workforce credentialing.  (See TCHS website for more information).  

For additional information, contact Mr. David Tucker, Director of Curriculum & Instruction at or at 912-557-4726.