Tattnall County Schools Technology Department

Instructional technology implements, supports, and assesses the integration of digital tools in teaching and learning. 

Technology, when integrated appropriately and effectively, can create a transformative educational experience where students are engaged in dynamic classrooms, skilled in digital citizenship and practiced in the creation of digital products. Tattnall County currently utilizes a wide variety of technology to enhance the instructional process.

As a department, the Instructional Technology team supports the realization of the Tattnall County Board of Education goals, specifically:

  • Tools and resources are allocated effectively and are used to enhance leading, teaching, and learning.
  • Effective strategies are used to communicate with the district’s diverse stakeholders including educators within the district, parents, and the community.

The Instructional Technology team offers ongoing training to increase the use and effectiveness of these instructional tools. 

Technology Mission and Vision


Graduation for every student and productive citizenship


Follow district strategic plan; provide support to curriculum, staff, and students

Technology Vision

Increase instructional technology coaching; Upgrade classroom technologies to include flat panel displays; Maintain one chromebook cart per classroom; Upgrade district and school websites; Upgrade firewall; Improve data security;  Offer more training on online safety

Current Reality

Source:  State technology inventory; Local asset inventory; Teacher surveys; PLU responses

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