Tattnall County Schools Technology Department

The Tattnall County School System recognizes that technology enhances student learning and positively affects student performance. Our goal is to prepare students to be skilled and knowledgeable workers and contributing citizens.  The ability to gather, manipulate, and present data, using technology as a medium, is a required skill in every workplace.

Our school district supports our students and staff by providing technology-rich classrooms.  Professional learning is offered to staff to learn how to leverage digital resources for content and student engagement. 

Our sophisticated infrastructure provides broadband internet access to every classroom. A wireless canopy enables users to be mobile and interactive.

We provide a helpdesk application for servicing our staff and administrators.  Digital resources support our curriculum at all grade levels.

Technology Mission and Vision


Graduation for every student and productive citizenship


Follow district strategic plan; provide support to curriculum, staff, and students

Technology Vision

Increase instructional technology coaching; Upgrade classroom technologies to include flat panel displays; Maintain one chromebook cart per classroom; Upgrade district and school websites; Upgrade firewall; Improve data security;  Offer more training on online safety

Current Reality

Source:  State technology inventory; Local asset inventory; Teacher surveys; PLU responses