School Announcements

  • Tattoos on sale next week

    See a cheerleader for more information

    Tattnall County High School
  • Homecoming Days

    Tuesday-Tacky Day 

    Wednesday-Wild About Warriors (Animal Print and Camo)

    Thursday-"Kuntry" Day (Dress Country)

    Friday-Blue and Gold Day

    Tattnall County High School
  • Interested in Joining a Club?

    See the advisers of each....It's not to late to take your education to the next level!!

    Tattnall County High School
  • Fall Fundraiser

    Our Fall fundraiser is underway beginning August 25th and ending Sept. 19th. Money must be collected and turned in with the forms by that date. Checks are to be made payable to RES and cannot be post dated. Students who sell items may place their name in the drawing box in the office. We will draw names the last 5 days of the fundraiser sale. Top sellers will receive HUGE stuffed animals. Please help support our school.

    Reidsville Elementary School
  • Join the GMS Booster Club

    Join the GMS Booster Club and support our athletic department and save money. The Booster Club Membership form is attached.

    Glennville Middle School
  • Fridays are Hat Days

    Bring $1 to the office on Friday and wear your hat. 

    Glennville Middle School
  • 2015-2016 Yearbooks Are Here!

    They are hot off the press! If you did not order a yearbook last year, you still have time to get one. There are a few extras. They are 60 pages of full color and only $30.

    Glennville Middle School

Message from Dr. Gina Williams, Superintendent

Welcome to the Tattnall County School System website. It is our hope that this website will provide you with the information that you need to stay abreast of all of the accomplishments, events, and information about our schools, staff and students.  

The Tattnall County School System staff members are highly qualified, caring individuals who are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that our students are provided a rigorous and relevant curriculum that will prepare them for graduation and life beyond high school.

We know that to accomplish our mission of providing a quality education, we must partner with our parents and community members. We are grateful to each of you for the support we receive, and we appreciate your commitment to public education. Through our consolidated efforts, we will see our students continue to achieve in the classrooms and through our extracurricular activities. Every class, every activity, every game is helping to mold our students into productive citizens who will one day be the leaders in our community.    

 As your Superintendent, I want to assure you that your Board members and I are committed to the teachers, students and parents of the Tattnall County School System. We value your input as we do whatever it takes to help our children become successful today and prepared for tomorrow.

Gina G. Williams, Ed.D.



September - Energy Saving Month

September will be PRIDE month for our energy savings and cost avoidance.  Let’s look at PRIDE:

P- Let’s be productive in our total savings.

R-Let’s respect everyone who works hard to cut energy costs.

I-Let’s get everyone involved with the energy savings effort.

D-Let’s depend upon our consistent efforts to save money.

E-Let’s work hard to achieve excellent results.

It would be great if you could use the PRIDE acronym to have students create their own ideas for the ideas and comments that would capitalize on PRIDE.

Remember our motto: “Whatever It Takes.”

Thanks for all you already do to save money!