3rd Annual Teen Maze

Tattnall County community members are invited to experience the Tattnall County High School Teen Maze on Monday, March 4th from 5:30 – 6:30.  Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the maze and to see the work that has been done to ensure that our youth have been exposed to information that will lead them to healthy lifestyle choices that will increase their chances for success. Due to graphic content that may be unsettling, Teen Maze is not recommended for child-aged visitors. 

9th grade students from Tattnall County High School will participate in the Maze on Tuesday, March 5th.  This year’s theme is “UR CHOICE, UR DESTINY”  Students will travel through a Maze of different stations and experience some life-changing situations as they get a dose of reality and see firsthand where the consequences of their life choices can lead them. 

The goal of the Teen Maze is to increase the students’ understanding of personal responsibility and the importance of making positive life choices. Each station will be staffed by appropriate professionals who will present the information and discuss the consequences associated with that scenario.  The Maze starts with a short party scene skit, and from there it moves to a real life simulated crash scene as a result of the poor choices made at the party.  Teens then move into the Maze and on to the stations of County Jail, Legal, Drugs and Alcohol, Distracted Driving/DUI, Life and Loss, Leadership and Youth Development, Sexual Behavior, Social Media, Positive Affirmation, Abusive Behavior, Your future, Evaluation and Graduation.  

Call 912-557-6026 for more information. 

Teen Maze is brought to Tattnall County High School by Becky Anderson –Tattnall Family Connection and Ambi Bess – Department of Public Health