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Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition Reception

Over 200 Randolph Schools employees gathered after school in the RHS Commons on June 15, 2006 to honor their peers at the 19th annual employee recognition reception. After welcoming remarks from Dr. Max Riley, Superintendent of Schools and Ms. Suzanne Peters, retiring Director of Personnel, Ms. Peters named the recipients of the Randolph Teacher of the Year Award. Dee Sturdevant (Center Grove), Jami Snowman (Fernbrook), Janice Friedland (Ironia), Christie Frantantoni (Shongum), Dale Baumwoll (Randolph Middle School), and Nicholas Messare (Randolph High School) were recognized.

Service Awards were announced by various Board of Education members, including Claire Keller and Greg Mark. Board members Doug Weisberger, Maria Martorana, and Katie Fettweis were also on hand to congratulate the employees for their years of service.

Various administators paid homage to the people retiring from their school or department. Guy Jorstad (RHS), Georgiana Walsh (RMS), Jerry Schenker (Transportation), Judy Burch (Center Grove) and Debbie Grefe (Fernbrook) presented gifts with fond rembrance. The retiring faculty and support staff are named below.

After Superintendent Riley paid tribute to Ms. Peters, Board of Education member Doug Weisberger read a poem to Suzanne to honor her for her years of service to the district. Ms. Peters has gracefully served the district for 28 years.

Employee Recognition

15 Years of Service

Danielle Acquaviva - Ironia
Barbara Berkowitz - High School
Maureen Kaplan - Fernbrook
Charles Kazaba, Jr. - High School
Jeffrey Munson - District
Linda O'Melia-Schroll - Fernbrook
Debra Palma - Food Services
Jill Pariseau - Middle School
John Rittweger - Middle School
Kathleen Ronca - Pre-K
Sylvia Weiland - Transportation
Robert White - Transportation

20 Years of Service
Debra Barton - Ironia
Stephanie Battjer - Shongum
Carl Del Corso - High School
Sanford Feld - Middle School
Ann Hand - Ironia
Margaret Kelley - High School
Terrence Leonard - District
Frank Wrede - District

25 Years of Service
Gayle Cooper - Center Grove
Mary Curtis - Center Grove
Robert Faasse - Middle School
Michele Faschan - Middle School
James King - High School
Constance Kretz - Ironia
Judith Lewis - Middle School
Linda Pugliese - Ironia/Shongum
Madeline Seastrom - Center Grove

30 Years of Service
Thomas Day - Middle School

35 Years of Service
Karen Mehring - Fernbrook
Michael Ochab - Fernbrook
Mary Okarma - Shongum
Corine Reich - Fernbrook
Celeste Stracco - Shongum


Farewell and Best Wishes
to Randolph Schools'

Thank you and Farewell!

Mr. Charlie Haas

RHS English Teacher
Faculty Advisor to Ram-Page, Award Winning RHS Student Newspaper for 36 Years
Morris County Teacher of the Year, 1989-90

Member of the First Graduating Class of RHS in 1965

Mr. Jim D'Olivo

RHS PASS Program

33 Years at RHS
English Teacher for 28 Years

Mrs. Joan Stuelpner

SH Enrichment

29 1/2 Years
22 Years in Randolph
Kindergarten, Grades 1,2,3,4,6,

Mr. Joseph Lorent

Director of Secondary Education, World Languages
English as a Second Language

37 Years in Randolph
Spanish, French, English, Speech - 7 Years
Foreigh Language Supervisor - 30 Years
Served as RTAA (Randolph Township Administrator's Association) President for More Than 10 years

Mrs. Celeste Stracco

12 Years at IR
22 Years as Learning Consultant at SH

Member of the 1967 Class of RHS

Mrs. Joanne Whitcomb

SH Resources Teacher

36 Years in Randolph
21 FT, 10 1/2 PT Supplemental Instruction

Ms. Suzanne Peters

30 Years of Service
28 Years in Randolph

Title 1 (now BSI) Part Time (Grade 1, Fernbrook)
Kindergarten at Center Grove
EPAT (Enrichment Program for Academically Talented) and Gifted and Talented at Fernbrook, Ironia
Grade 2 at Shongum
Elementary Program Specialist
Director of Personnel

Mrs. Paula Antin

28 Years in Randolph

Taught 3rd Grade in Center Grove
Taught Intermittedly for 17 Years
at Ironia and Fernbrook
CPT Teacher at FB (Grades 3-5) Reading and Math - 6 Years

In 1985 - Taught Kindergarten 1/2 Day
1/2 Day of Grade 6 Language Arts
In 1986 - Full Time Kindergarten Until Retirement

Grew Up in Randolph and Always Loved School (Went to Center Grove , Then Called the Consolidated School)
Was the First Randolph Student to Come Back to the District to Teach

Will Teach ESL for FB Parents

Mr. John Humphries


14 1/2 Years of Service to Randolph
Also Serves in the Ironia Fire Department

Mr. "Sparky" Leonard

23 Years of Service to Randolph
Maintenance Mechanic (Electric)
Every School Building

Ms. Debbie Kauf

36 Years of Teaching, all in Randolph
Fernbrook (Grade 2), Center Grove (Grades 1,2,3,4), Ironia (Grade 6), Center Grove (Grade 6),
RMS Language Arts (Grades 6,7,8)
RMS Literary Magazine Faculty Advisor
Mock Trial Club
Known for her cow collection

Graduate of RHS Class of 1965

"Study hard and stay in school"
Ms. Bonnie Ackerman

30 Years in Education
23 Years in Randolph
Social Worker for 31 Years
Shongum and Ironia CPP Teacher
First Grade Teacher
RMS Resource Center
Center Grove Grade 4 Self Contained Special Education
Center Grove Learning Consultant
RMS Learning Consultant
Mrs. Peggy Batson

36th Years in Randolph Schools
Shongum School (Grades 1,2,3)
Elementary School Computer Teacher (11 years)

Mrs. Shirley White

25 Years of Teaching
18 Years in Randolph
Fernbrook Computer Teacher
Mr. Don Baubles

34 Years of Teaching
26 Years in Randolph
RHS Social Studies, 15 Years
RMS Social Studies, 11 Years
Mrs. Ruth Kalata

26 Years of Teaching
23 1/2 in Randolph
Governor's Recognition Award in 1994
Duck School - Many Years
Ironia(2 years), Fernbrook
Grades 1,2
"I love the creative part of education, and I like to have my students 'raise the bar' for themselves. Think apples!"
Mrs. Jane Scoles

37 Years of Service to Randolph
in Fernbrook School
Grade 3 (15 years)
Grade 2 (22 years)
Mrs. Michelle Kuzma

39 Years of Service to Randolph
Taught in All 4 Elementary Schools

Mr. John Bauer

33 1/2 years - All in Randolph

Athletic Director - 14 1/2 Years
Coached all 3 Levels of Boys Basketball, Asst. & Head Coach for Football, Asst. Coach for Baseball (1 year)
Social Studies - 19 Years - Helped to Launch the Social Studies Electives Program

Ms. Madeline Seastrom

31 1/2 Years, 25 in Randolph
First and Second Grade
Fernbrook, Ironia, Center Grove
Hopes to play golf, cook, and excercise in retirement.
Mrs. Marjorie List

34 Years of Service to Randolph,
all at Randolph Intermediate School (now RMS)
7th Grade Public Speaking and Drama
8th Grade Journalism, Still Shot Photography, and Super 8 Filmography
6th Grade Reading
7 & 8th Grade Language Arts
Reading Counts
Wants to Work with Student Teachers in the Field
Publish Two Decorating Books
Elizabeth Williams

34 Years of Teaching, 26 in Randolph
RMS (1 Year), RHS
Stage Crew
JV & FR Field Hockey,3 years
Spanish Club, 9 Years
RHS Plant Committee
REA Rep., 17 Years

Mrs. Diana Grados

RHS Attendance Office

Mrs. Beverly Keegan

8 1/2 Yearse in Special Services
ted in the District and Special Services in February 1998.
I have enjoyed every minute of it., and couldn’t have had a nicer director and asst. director if I had hand-picked them.

I will miss everyone here, but I look forward to spending time with grandchildren and working in the garden.


Ms. Maryalice Byrnes

36 Years of Service to Randolph
Fernbrook Grade 2
Center Grove Grades 1,2,4,5
Basic Skills

Ms. Bonnie Weiss

Social Worker, RMS

Thank you and Farewell!