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Center Grove Guidance / Fernbrook Guidance / Ironia Guidance / Shongum Guidance
Parent Network Program

Elementary Guidance Counselors / Grade Level Focus / Introduction

American School Counseling Week


The Randolph Township Schools elementary school guidance program seeks to foster the social and emotional growth of students in an effort to have them succeed academically and personally.  Guidance  is an integral part of the elementary education program.  The counselor is a child advocate.  A goal of elementary counseling is to be preventative in nature while also identifying and addressing current problems.   Another goal is to help children understand themselves and others.

The elementary program is characterized by intervention and prevention techniques. Counselors help students develop social skills including conflict resolution, interpersonal relations skills, decision making and problem solving.  Counselors also assist students in their transition to Randolph schools and in moving up to the middle school.  Counselors conduct individual and group session, classroom lessons, district-wide programs, and parent consultations as needed.  Counselors work collaboratively with other school personnel, especially the classroom teacher, and serve on each building's Pupil Assistance Committee.  Counselors attend professional conferences and belong to professional associations.

The counselors are available to consult with parents, teachers, and administrators to help address specific academic, social, and/or personal concerns of students.   Counseling is for everyday people with everyday problems.  Elementary guidance counselors are responding to today's needs by providing children with developmental school counseling programs and support.


Elementary Guidance Counselors

Center Grove - Mrs. Debra Militano - 973-361-7835 x 211

Fernbrook - Mrs. Michelle Polk - 973-361-0660 x 211

Ironia - Mrs. Debra Barton - 973-594-8588 x 211

Shongum - Mrs. Diane Auerbach - 973-895-2322 x 211

L-R are Michelle Polk, Diane Auerbach, Debbie Militano, and Debra Barton


Elementary Guidance counselors work to serve the needs of all students by:

  • Helping children understand themselves and others
  • Helping children develop communication skills
  • Helping children develop successful behavior patterns
  • Helping make school a successful experience for all children
  • Helping prevent problems from developing
  • Including parents in their children's education
  • Providing crisis intervention

In addition to personal and academic counseling, the elementary school guidance progarm includes the following:

Group Instruction Topics
Red Ribbon Week/drug awareness
   Problem solving
   Character Education (monthly themes)

Small Group Instruction Topics (These topics will change as needed.)
Social skills
   Anger management
   Transitions (grief and loss, new sibling, school transitions)
   Conflict resolution

Parent Education
   The Parent Network
   Parent Teacher Association
   Parent/family counseling
   Family referrals to outside agencies

The Home and School Connection newsletter
Articles in the PTA newsletter
Upcoming events flyers
Randolph Township Schools Web site, http://www.rtnj.org

Community Outreach
Service projects
Senior Citizen Outreach
Participation in community programs - i.e. Municipal Alliance Committee, Child and Family Resource Center, Randolph CARES


Each grade level has a specific focus:

  • Kindergarten: Meeting the counselor  - students will be introduced to a special school helper, the elementary guidance counselor
  • Grade 1: Understanding feelings  - students will be able to identify and describe different types of feelings
  • Grade 2: Cooperating within a group  - Students will be able to identify the importance of compromise, cooperation, and what occurs when cooperation doesn't take place
  • Grade 3: Building self-esteem and respecting self and others  - students will be able to identify what makes them feel good about themselves and others
  • Grade 4: Problem solving and decision making  - Students will be able to examine and apply the steps of problem solving
  • Grade 5: Transitioning to middle school - Students will be able to explore the social and emotional aspects of transitioning to the middle school

Specific aspects of the guidance program include:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Classroom lessons addressing cooperation, respect, self-esteem, problems solving and decision making
  • Red Ribbon Week events
  • Programs for parents
  • School Counseling Week activity
  • Pupil Assistance Leaders
  • Lunch Bunch
  • Character Education
  • The Parent Network
  • Community Service Projects

Parents should feel free to call the guidance counselor at any time. It is not necessary to have a problem or a special need to contact us.  Each elementary school has a full-time counselor to assist your child to learn, to work, and to live in the 21st century.



Dr. Julie Kantor
“The Overscheduled Child”

March 14, 2006
Center Grove School
9:30-11:30 a.m.

All parents are welcome to attend.

For more information, please contact Diane Auerbach (dauerbach@rtnj.org)

American School Counseling Week
February 6-10, 2006

The Randolph Township Schools elementary guidance counselors work to serve the needs of all students. This program seeks to foster the social and emotional growth of students in an effort to have them succeed academically and personally. Guidance is an integral part of the elementary education program. A goal of elementary counseling is to be preventative in nature, while also identifying and addressing current problems. Another goal is to help children understand themselves and others.

In addition to personal and academic counseling, the elementary school guidance program involves community outreach. This year, to mark American School Counseling Week, February 6 - 10, 2006, the elementary schools have planned various activities to teach the value of making a difference one person at a time. Activities include collecting Pennies for Patients to raise funds for childhood leukemia and lymphoma patients and collecting books for Pamela's Library of Love, which provides books for needy students. In addition, there will be career exploration activities and Mix It Up at Lunch Day. This is the week to celebrate the very important role the school counselor plays in our school and community.




Monday October 24 (Distribute ribbons.)
"Kick off" Red Ribbon Week by wearing something red today.

Tuesday October 25 (Wear sunglasses.)
Show you're "Too Cool to Use Drugs" by wearing sunglasses at recess only.

Wednesday October 26 (Wear sweats).
"Living drug free is no sweat" so wear sweats.

Thursday October 27 (Bring a can.)
"Drug free--you can be anything you want to be" so bring a canned food item that will be donated to the local food bank.

Friday October 28 (Distribute bookmarks.)
Show Good Character-Make Wise Choices

Parents: By showing your support to our Red Ribbon Campaign, you are showing your child that you promote a drug-free life. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and we look forward to an exciting and fun Red Ribbon Week.

Red Ribbon Week Posters
were created to remind others to stay substance-free.


Elementary School Families Help Stock Randolph's Food Pantry
During Red Ribbon Week, each elementary school child was asked to donate one can of food for the Randolph Food Pantry. Randolph families responded generously, as carloads of food were taken to the pantry, located in the Randolph Senior Community Center.